Robert Burns Song Extempore In The Court Of Session

Robden of Solway Firth Extempore In The Court Of Session Song

Tune— Killiercrankie.

Lord Advocate

He clenched his pamphlet in his fist,
He quoted and he hinted,
Till, in a declamation-mist,
His argument he tint it:
He gaped for’t, he graped for’t,
He fand it was awa, man;
But what his common sense came short,
He eked out wi’ law, man.

Mr. Erskine

Collected, Harry stood awee,
Then open’d out his arm, man;

[Footnote 1: William Dunbar, W. S., of the Crochallan Fencibles,
a convivial club.]

His Lordship sat wi’ ruefu’ e’e,
And ey’d the gathering storm, man:
Like wind-driven hail it did assail’
Or torrents owre a lin, man:
The Bench sae wise, lift up their eyes,
Half-wauken’d wi’ the din, man.