Election Ballad For Westerha’ Song

The Bard of Ayrshire Election Ballad For Westerha' Song

Tune— Up and waur them a’, Willie.

The Laddies by the banks o’ Nith
Wad trust his Grace^1 wi a’, Jamie;
But he’ll sair them, as he sair’d the King—
Turn tail and rin awa’, Jamie.

[Footnote 1: The fourth Duke of Queensberry, who supported the
proposal that, during George III’s illness, the Prince of Wales
should assume the Government with full prerogative.]

Chorus.—Up and waur them a’, Jamie,
Up and waur them a’;
The Johnstones hae the guidin o’t,
Ye turncoat Whigs, awa’!

The day he stude his country’s friend,
Or gied her faes a claw, Jamie,
Or frae puir man a blessin wan,
That day the Duke ne’er saw, Jamie.
Up and waur them, &c.

But wha is he, his country’s boast?
Like him there is na twa, Jamie;
There’s no a callent tents the kye,
But kens o’ Westerha’, Jamie.
Up and waur them, &c.

To end the wark, here’s Whistlebirk,
Lang may his whistle blaw, Jamie;
And Maxwell true, o’ sterling blue;
And we’ll be Johnstones a’, Jamie.
Up and waur them, &c.